The Rover, 1888 model

This Rover with the serial number 1558 is part of the collection of Museum De Waag in Deventer (Netherlands) but not permanently exposed.
It is a nice 1887-88 model, although the hubs and rims look a bit odd. Maybe the front wheel still has the original hub, but the wheel is too small. Look at the odd mounting of the front fender.
Rear hub has been changed for sure, with an ugly spoke spoke pattern that people use when they want to imitate radial spokes on a tangent hub. The oil lamp is early 20th century, also too new.  The 'Rover' plate is too modern for this bike, it's from the 1890's. I had a small discussion with a member of the museum staff about these things. She told me the museum respects the history of things. They do not want to restore it back to the way it was. That is an interesting way of looking at things, but it will not help you further if you want to know what is original and what is not. It saves them a lot of work, though.

Nevertheless this is a beautiful Rover, with a lot of nice details.


   Non original rear hub